Talk Backs

The Siblings Play Community Partner

March 4th 2020 & April 5th 2020 | New York, NY

Healing TREE Founder Marissa Ghavami will be leading a Community Conversation after the March 8th and March 26th performances. Use code HT25SIBLINGS for $25 tickets (typically $45-$60). The Siblings Play delves deep into the psyche of a teenage girl and her two brothers left to raise each other in their parents’ absence. The play looks at the ways these three teenagers protect, love, fight, and diminish in the wake of their family history and the complexity of growing up with parents who are too young to be parents in the first place. In The Siblings Play, Santiago gives voice to characters rarely seen on the stage with theatricality, poignancy, humor, and empathy.



We offer Speaking Engagements targeted towards various audiences and on various topics related to trauma.

– The Journey In and Out of Trauma

– The Journey In and Out of Trauma: Clinical Understanding of Trauma from Client and Clinician’s Views

– The Red Flags of Abuse and Trauma

– Trauma Bonding Using Real Life Examples


– Adoption Professionals

– Clients at Domestic Violence Programs

– Medical Professionals

– Mental Health Professionals

– Parents & Families

– Staff at Domestic Violence Shelters & Programs

– Staff at Social Services Agencies

– Students

– Teachers and School / University Staff


– Conference Breakout Speech

– Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

– Educational and Inspirational Talks

– Keynote Speech

– Talk Backs after Theatrical Productions /Film/TV Screenings

– Trainings


We offer educational and inspirational Talk Backs after theatrical productions and film/TV screenings dealing with abuse and trauma and can provide mental health professionals for these events as well.

Please contact us so we can learn more about the needs for your project. Reach out to us at