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Healing TREE provides a free, nationwide directory of trauma-focused mental health providers. We work to connect individuals with providers who are not only brain-body based trauma experts but who also fit their unique needs, like being a therapist of color, a queer therapist or faith based, who take their insurance or offer sliding scale. We include providers trained in various, leading brain-body based modalities (e.g. EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Brainspotting) who have been personally vetted with phone interviews by our team and whose certificates in these modalities are on file. We also include treatment facilities, creative arts therapists and more.

Why Our Approved Care Network

Due to the lack of integration between the trauma, mental health and medical fields, mental health and medical professionals often have not had the extensive trauma training necessary to approach their clients’ conditions in a way that promotes healing rather than simply managing symptoms. When helping professionals understand interpersonal trauma’s impact on the brain and the science behind the symptoms, effective treatment can take place, rather than blaming and re-traumatizing the victim.

Trauma-focused treatment modalities that engage the survival part of the brain – where the “fight-flight-freeze” response takes place – allow for the processing of trauma as opposed to the more common “talk therapy” which engages only the logical, cognitive part of the brain and often results in obtaining coping strategies rather than real healing. While we believe there is certainly a place for cognitive work, we align with the belief many experts in the trauma field subscribe to which is that brain-body based work is necessary for processing trauma. Healing TREE has, to the best of our ability, vetted the practices of the providers in our network and made sure that they understand, are capable of, and trained in treating trauma. We require providers in our network to provide their training certificates in leading brain-body based treatment modalities to help ensure that they are on what we believe to be the cutting edge of trauma treatment. The clinicians on our Advisory Board have helped us determine the vetting process. To learn more about the modalities we promote and why, please visit our Resources page. Our Approved Care Network is made up of Individual Mental Health Professionals (Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, etc.) Supplemental Care Providers (Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Instructors, Art Therapists, Equine-Assisted Therapists, etc.) and Treatment Facilities. Click on your state to see the approved providers/ facilities in your area.


If your state isn’t green, or if you don’t see a provider who meets your specific needs, please see the “Don’t see a provider who meets your needs here?” section below so we can get to work finding you a good fit.

Please mention that you were referred by Healing TREE when / if you reach out to anyone in our Approved Care Network. Special rates and scheduling arrangements may be possible with some of our providers.

The providers alone, and not Healing TREE, are responsible for the care that they provide. Healing TREE has, to the best of our ability, vetted their practices and made sure that they understand, are capable of, and trained in treating trauma. Please note: We do not check licenses / certificates for providers within treatment facilities. Please contact the facility directly for updated licensure. Currently, our network of approved care and supplemental care providers is only in the USA. If you have any questions or concerns about any of these providers, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Don’t see a provider who meets your needs here?

Email [email protected] and our Approved Care Network team will get to work finding a provider who matches your needs and our criteria in your area.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not currently have capacity to accept incoming client inquiries for this free program. We are focusing solely on fulfilling our current open inquiries. Any inquiries received after 11/1/23 will be put on a waitlist until further notice.

Interested in becoming a part of our network? Please fill out the appropriate form below.  

Help for Perpetrators of Abuse

Help for Partners who are Abusive: Guide for Men Who Are Serious About Changing – Part 1

Educational Videos

Never Give Up: A Video by Youth for Youth

This gripping film features a highly diverse cast of seven adolescents and young adults who examine the shared and unique challenges faced, mistakes made, and growth attained in the struggle to transcend legacies of developmental trauma. Unexpectedly insightful, unsentimentally poignant and always real, Never Give Up is an offering of collective wisdom, inspiration and hope for young people ensnared by adverse life experiences such as chronic neglect, violence, abuse, bullying, and exploitation from seven peers and mentors who came just before them and found their way through. This ground-breaking product developed by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) specifically for youth. Done in partnership with the world-renowned Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute (JRI), Aldelphi University, Northwestern University and Healing TREE.

A Conversation with Dr. David Grand

Join Healing TREE Founder and CEO, Marissa Ghavami, as she speaks with Dr. David Grand about Trauma Therapy and the brain.

EMDR Therapy Training

We facilitate trainings in the evidence-based, trauma-focused treatment modality EMDR to spread healing to underserved populations.

Speaking Engagements

We offer Speaking Engagements targeted towards various audiences and on various topics related to trauma.

See Testimonials And Results From Past Speaking Engagements And Other Programs

Topics Include:

  • The Journey In and Out of Trauma
  • The Journey In and Out of Trauma: Clinical Understanding of Trauma from Client and Clinician’s Views
  • The Red Flags of Abuse and Trauma
  • Trauma Bonding Using Real Life Examples.

Audiences Include:

  • Adoption Professionals
  • Clients at Domestic Violence Programs
  • Medical Professionals, Mental Health Professionals
  • Parents & Families, Staff at Domestic Violence Shelters & Programs
  • Staff at Social Services Agencies, Students
  • Teachers and School / University Staff

Types of Speaking Engagements Include:


We partner with leading trauma experts to offer workshops pertaining to healing trauma.

Previous workshops:

Trauma and the Performing Artist with Peter Levine, PhD and Betsy Polatin Oct 27th and 28th, 2017 NYC

Thanks to support from the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) and continued support from Face It, Healing TREE is partnering with Ramey-Estep Homes and the Children’s Alliance to provide EMDR Therapy Training to approximately 1,200 more children in the Kentucky foster care system.


Your donations enable us to establish and maintain our core programming. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, making your donations tax deductible.