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Bound was created by Healing TREE Artist Advocate Samantha Scaffidi and produced by Voyager Studios LLC in association with SLMBR PRTY. It answers the important question of why people who are victims of abuse often feel a powerful attachment to those who have abused them. Furthermore, it points towards resources that emphasize trauma’s impact on the brain and allow for effective treatment (apart from the typical cognitive approach that doesn’t engage the survival part of the brain that is impacted during abuse) that leads to breaking the cycle and finding healing.

What you need to know about gaslighting, a common tactic of abusers & dictators

A closer look at continually relevant topics through the lens of abuse and trauma. A Healing TREE PSA, featuring Charles Baker.

What you need to know about toxic stress & children separated from their parents

Short Film

Silk: Coming Soon

The concept for the short film, Silk, is loosely inspired by the 1944 movie Gaslight, exploring the abusive tactic we know as gaslighting. Interested in becoming a part of this project? IMDb producer credits are offered beginning at the $5,000 donation level.


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