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Locked Inside Us

Locked Inside Us is a Public Service Announcement / micro-short film geared towards middle school through college students and is about the “little t” traumas we keep inside us that affect our lives moving forward.


Bound was created by Healing TREE Artist Advocate Samantha Scaffidi and produced by Voyager Studios LLC in association with SLMBR PRTY. It answers the important question of why people who are victims of abuse often feel a powerful attachment to those who have abused them. Furthermore, it points towards resources that emphasize trauma’s impact on the brain and allow for effective treatment (apart from the typical cognitive approach that doesn’t engage the survival part of the brain that is impacted during abuse) that leads to breaking the cycle and finding healing.

What you need to know about gaslighting, a common tactic of abusers & dictators

A closer look at continually relevant topics through the lens of abuse and trauma. A Healing TREE PSA, featuring Charles Baker.

What you need to know about toxic stress & children separated from their parents

A closer look at continually relevant topics through the lens of abuse and trauma. A Healing TREE PSA, featuring Christina Bianco.

Short Films

Silk: Coming Soon

Healing TREE hosts College Workshops on the most insidious Red Flags of Abuse and Trauma built around our short film Silk… Gifted aerialist Cara falls hard for Sol, the lighting designer on her upcoming high-stakes solo show. When safety and communication issues plague rehearsals, Cara begins to doubt her perceptions and grows more and more dependent on Sol. With the outside perspective of good friends, Cara is forced to consider that her anxiety and growing insecurities have been planted in her mind by Sol in an effort to control her. This short narrative nod to the classic film Gaslight features stunning aerial work by renowned performer Crista Marie Jackson (The Greatest Showman) and also stars Fran Kranz (The Cabin In The Woods), Louisa Krause (Billions) and Garcia (Tales of the City). Silk is directed by John Magaro (The Many Saints of Newark, The Umbrella Academy, Carol, The Big Short) and written by award-winning playwright David Caudle and Healing TREE founder Marissa Ghavami. Stay tuned for information on Silk in the film festival circuit and on its public release.

“As a mental health clinician who works with college students, I felt that “Silk” was an incredible tool for starting an important campus conversation about gaslighting and emotional abuse…”

-Tony Paglia, MSW, LCSW, Personal Counselor/Disability Services Coordinator, Penn State Shenango


August 25, 2020
By Marissa Ghavami and Jessica Mastro  “My parents weren’t abusive.” “My best friend and I were toxic for each other.” “My boyfriend never hit me.” “I haven’t been through trauma.”  As someone who passionately…

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