Film/ TV/ Theatre Partners

Or (Someone) Else

Healing TREE is partners with the short film Or (Someone) Else (@orsomeoneelse_film Facebook.com/orsomeoneelsefilm) which is currently in the festival circuit. Healing TREE Artist Advocate Emily Althaus, star of Orange Is The New Black, is the lead of this film which is written and directed by Caroline Rose Giuliani (@carolinerosegiu www.carolinerosegiuliani.com). Or (Someone) Else is a psychological thriller about a woman struggling to break free from an abusive relationship and the dangerous mental health ramifications of her repressed anger. This short film is a proof of concept for a feature length film in development that tackles many of the same themes. We are so proud and grateful that our website and logo are at the end of this film, encouraging viewers to visit our website for resources on healing trauma.