We produce and partner with relevant film, television, and theatre, empowering the social change necessary to create a healing movement…

Locked Inside Us

Locked Inside Us is a Public Service Announcement / micro-short film geared towards middle school through college students and is about the “little t” traumas we keep inside us that affect our lives moving forward.


Bound was created by Healing TREE Artist Advocate Samantha Scaffidi and produced by Voyager Studios LLC in association with SLMBR PRTY. It answers the important question of why people who are victims of abuse often feel a powerful attachment to those who have abused them. Furthermore, it points towards resources that emphasize trauma’s impact on the brain and allow for effective treatment (apart from the typical cognitive approach that doesn’t engage the survival part of the brain that is impacted during abuse) that leads to breaking the cycle and finding healing.

Bound was re-released in May of 2020 in the context of COVID-19 in partnership with Women’s Aid and Irish singer-songwriter Mick Flannery.

Bound original release
Bound re-release May 2020 in light of COVID-19


A workshop for high schoolers, college students and community members on the most insidious red flags of abuse and trauma built around our short film Silk.

Our short film Silk, and accompanying workshop with guided discussion, illustrate, educate on and explore the most insidious forms of abuse and trauma. Silk stars mainstream talent and engages high schoolers, college students and community members to have an open conversation about these important but often undiscussed topics. Our pre and post engagement assessments ensure that folks walk away far better equipped to heal from the aftermath of what too many may have faced and to prevent themselves and others from being victimized by, or perpetrating, abusive situations in the future.

Never Give Up: A Complex Trauma Film by Youth for Youth

This gripping film features a highly diverse cast of seven adolescents and young adults who examine the shared and unique challenges faced, mistakes made, and growth attained in the struggle to transcend legacies of developmental trauma. Unexpectedly insightful, unsentimentally poignant and always real, Never Give Up is an offering of collective wisdom, inspiration and hope for young people ensnared by adverse life experiences such as chronic neglect, violence, abuse, bullying, and exploitation from seven peers and mentors who came just before them and found their way through. This ground-breaking product developed by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) specifically for youth. Done in partnership with the world-renowned Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute (JRI), Aldelphi University, Northwestern University and Healing TREE.