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EMDR Therapy Training Testimonials

I truly had no expectations from this EMDR training. I am an anti-“woo-woo” kind of person. After learning about the biology/anatomy behind this therapy, I quickly realized EMDR is a “kill switch” to all those verbal things our clients get hung up on during processing issues/trauma problems. You cannot make progress when the defense mechanisms will not come down.
~ R.S.

Before I stared EMDR training I felt like I was at a loss as therapist, I was burnt out and asked myself why do I continue to do therapy and all of my clients are still stuck. Doing this training and getting the opportunity to see a different way to therapy has been life changing for not only myself but for my clients. … EVERY therapist should be trained in EMDR.
~ Macie G.

… I was skeptical of EMDR. However, I tried it with clients and was amazed at the process and client feedback. One client shared at the beginning it was as if a tornado was in the back of their head. When they cleared they shared that the tornado was gone. I plan to continue with EMDR and help my clients – one tornado at a time.
~ Ashley B.

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Silk Screening + Workshop Testimonials

March 2022 | Family & Children’s Place | Louisville, KY

“I learned that today can be the day for change.”

“I learned some educational facts that I needed to get through this break up from [an] abusive relationship.”

“I learned a lot of things that I was not educated on and it also showed me that I made the right decision for me and my children leaving my abusive relationship”

“I have been [through] a lot of trauma and it was all covered. My brain blocked out a lot of stuff that I hadn’t intentionally tried to block out. I got a lot from it though that’s brought things to my attention that I hadn’t noticed before.”

January 2022 | Clark County and Floyd County Bar Associations | Clark and Floyd Counties, IN

“As a DV advocate, most of my clients say that it was the emotional abuse that hurts the worst, not physical/financial or sexual… it leaves the most scars and takes the longest to heal from. This film and workshop has brought more light to this and was an AMAZING experience. I appreciated it and needed it. Thank you.”

“This was extremely informative and in depth. I appreciate how this film and workshop address aspects of psychological abuse that many people do not know about. Learning the specific tactics like stonewalling and emotional withholding was very informative. I also think it is very helpful that other contexts of abuse were included – many people do not consider abusive friendships or abusive parents or family members when talking about abuse/psychological abuse, and I think that was very helpful to share.”

“I am feeling inspired to try to screen for signs of abuse in my case intakes to make sure a client is proceeding freely and free from any duress or abuse.”

“I am feeling inspired to add more information about specific signs of emotional abuse, especially subtle emotional abuse, to my presentations and trainings on Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and Domestic Violence (DV).”

“I learned that subtle psychological abuse is actually more harmful.”

“I am feeling inspired to update training to include the ‘fawn’ response.”

“I learned that trauma is more difficult to get through and past that I perhaps believed.”

December 2021 | GreenHouse17 (Staff) | Lexington, KY

“An actionable step I’m feeling inspired to take is talking to my clients more about gaslighting.”

“I learned that abuse comes in all shapes and forms, not just in (romantic) relationships.”

“I learned that CBT isn’t a therapy that treats the particular parts of the brain where trauma is stored.”

December 2021 | Maryhurst (Staff) | Louisville, KY

“It was inspirational and eye opening!”

“I am inspired to have more empathy when dealing with this within my friendship circles.”

“I learned that sometimes I may unintentionally gaslight.”

December 2021 | Oasis (Staff) | Owensboro, KY

“I learned more about epigenetics and neuroplasticity.”

“I learned that secondary trauma is real.”

“I will take this information and use it in teaching victims of Domestic Violence.”

“I learned that I can actually heal from the trauma I have experienced in my life instead of simply coping.”

December 2021 | The Children’s Alliance (Staff) | Frankfort, KY

“This film has inspired me to seek help for my experiences of emotional abuse.”

“Silk truly demonstrates how gaslighting/psychological abuse happens.”

“I have a family member I intend to try to talk to and encourage in a way that demonstrates empathy.”

September 2021 | ChooseWell (Staff) | Louisville, KY

The best example of gaslighting! An awesome film that shows the subtleties of abuse and gaslighting, a MUST SEE!”

I learned that trauma is so much more complex than what is understood on the surface, but the healing (not just coping) is very possible.

September 2021 | The Center for Women and Families (Staff) | Louisville, KY

When I watched the video initially I saw no signs of abuse until you explained them. One thing I learned about myself was that I may unintentionally be an abuser because I noticed I do some of those things. I’m feeling inspired to bring this information to my husband & talk this over with him.” 

“I learned that my trauma is valid. I recognized that I have effects of trauma but I wasn’t beaten as a kid or anything like that so I thought my trauma wasn’t real or valid or that I was just extra sensitive.” 

“My main take away is being careful that I don’t use my trauma to traumatize others. I found I do things that were said of people that will are abusers.”

September 2021 | Face It Movement & Partner Organizations (Staff) | Louisville, KY 

“A powerful short film that helps you understand emotional abuse in a way that books and presentations just can’t.”

“I want to share this entire workshop with all of my friends and family.”

“I learned that there are justifications to how I feel about and react to people in my life sometimes. I am not just sensitive, irrational, or overly emotional.”

“I learned that I have been in previous relationships that were really unhealthy, even when I couldn’t name the issue.”

“I learned that I engage in several emotionally abusive behaviors with my partner.”

“I would like to talk to my therapist about this film during our session tomorrow. I’m concerned that I have been emotionally abusive towards my partner at times related to my personal upbringing and what I’ve thought as ‘normal’, can actually be quite harmful to my partner.”

“What an incredible workshop and film! I find the nuances of the film to be clear after having been explained all the forms of abuse that are shown by (Healing TREE Founder) Marissa. These types of abuse are so common and fly under the radar that most people would have no idea that they are either doing these behaviors or are a victim or both. I highly recommend this workshop to everyone to better educate our country so we can stop the abuse that causes so many sociological issues. Thank you for this in depth education!”

September 2021 | YouthBuild (Annual Staff Retreat) | Louisville, KY

“Made me think more about how defensively I respond to mistakes or comments others make. I need to be more cognizant to not blame shift or project.” 

“I might be a victim of this type of trauma. I may have hurt others in this way.” 

“I learned that you can learn how to heal instead of just learning coping mechanisms.”

“I’m a victim of many different forms of trauma, and I love the approach you take regarding this. I think it is important to talk about, and take steps to healing. It really opens your eyes of different kinds of abuse and how it effects every part of your being when you are abused.”

“I learned that there are many forms of abuse and trauma and sometimes we might do or say things that could be considered abusive or cause trauma.” 

March 2021 | Bellarmine University | Louisville, KY

“This really opened my eyes and mind to how insidious emotional abuse can be, but also how much hope there is in healing, thank you!”

“I feel inspired to have an authentic conversation with my partner so we can be healthier for each other.”

“This was very eye opening, and it kind of shocked me. it brought me clarity about past and some present relationship issues that I need to address now.”

“This was incredible. Thank you for doing this! I hope you all are able to keep doing these in the future, I think it is really important especially for college aged people to learn about emotional abuse and trauma as many first relationships develop at this age.”

“I am definitely a victim of emotional abuse in past relationships and my current relationship has touches of it on both sides. I will use what I learned to try and strengthen my current relationship and stop this pattern for myself.”

March 2021 | University of Louisville | Louisville, KY

“I learned that what I experienced is real, and I am not alone.”

“I thought this workshop was incredibly informative and it helped me learn a lot about trauma, abuse, and trauma focused care. While I haven’t been impacted by relationship abuse in the past I will be able to use what I learned to help those around me.”

“I learned a lot about how to recognize signs of trauma and how to approach friends who may been in toxic relationships.”

Speaking Engagement Testimonials

“It’s amazing to me that the information’s value would show up so close to the presentation and be so immediately meaningful to my practice for it to be applied and shared so quickly.”

– Maureen Nolan, LAPC, MA CC, NCC
Attendee of Medical Clinic Speaking Engagement, Healing from Trauma: Hope and Inspiration in Atlanta, GA – 10.26.16

“[Healing TREE Founder + CEO] Marissa’s presentation was impactful and informed. I am grateful for Marissa’s survivor-leadership, as well as for the inspiration and solidarity that this presentation offered for our Participants.”

– Alissa L. F. Tertichny, LMSW
Staff Attendee of a Women’s Residential Program Speaking Engagement, The Journey In and Out of Trauma in Atlanta, GA – 10.27.16

“[Healing TREE is] providing an important and much needed service by raising public understanding and awareness of the wide range of experiences that constitute trauma and safe, effective, mind-body approaches for healing.”

-Kalpana Murthy, LPC, EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist
Attendee of a Medical Clinic Speaking Engagement, Healing from Trauma: Hope and Inspiration in Atlanta, GA – 10.26.16

Approved Care Network Testimonials

Speaking Engagement Testimonials

“I think the most valuable thing I learned from this talk was to look at those who have mental illnesses in terms of what happened to them instead of what’s wrong with them. Marissa is an amazing speaker and she’s very knowledgeable and I think everyone should hear her speak.”

-Student who attended Red Flags of Abuse and Interpersonal Trauma college engagement

Type of Event: College Speaking Engagement

Audience: Open to entire campus community, co-sponsored by the Relationship Peer Educators (RPE) and the Counseling Outreach Peer Educators (COPE) 23 questionnaires filled out 

Topic:Red Flags of Abuse and Interpersonal Trauma

Speaker: Healing TREE Founder + CEO Marissa Ghavami 

Time: 1 1/2 hours including Q&A; 30 minute pre-engagement with Peer Educators

Venue: College of the Holy Cross

Location and Date: Worcester, MA 3.14.2018  

100% of attendees said they learned something new from the speaking engagement

“I think the most valuable thing I learned from this talk was to look at those who have mental illnesses in terms of what happened to them instead of what’s wrong with them. Marissa is an amazing speaker and she’s very knowledgeable and I think everyone should hear her speak.”

–  Student Who Attended

Type of Event: Speaking Engagement at Staff Retreat

Audience: Staff at a domestic violence program and shelter; 14 questionnaires filled out, approximately 2 left blank/not turned in 

Topic:Trauma Bonding Using Real Life Examples

Speaker: Healing TREE Founder + CEO Marissa Ghavami 

Time: 2 1/2 hours including Q&A

Venue: Golden House Staff Retreat

Location and Date: Green Bay, WI 5.23.17  

100% of professionals said they feel better prepared to recognize the signs of trauma bonding after attending the speaking engagement

“I feel like I want to share this training with everyone I know – this is so important.”

–  Diane Sohr, Crisis Advocate, Attendee of Speaking Engagement at a Staff Retreat for a Domestic Violence Program and Shelter

Type of Event: Keynote Speaking Engagement

Audience: 2017 Changing Face of Adoption Conference 

Topic:The Journey In and Out of Trauma

Speaker: Healing TREE Founder + CEO Marissa Ghavami 

Time: 1 1/2 hours including Q&A

Venue: Kalahari Resort

Location and Date: Wisconsin Dells, WI 9.13.2017  

“It was inspiring to hear Marissa’s story and an experience of how the right work can really help heal trauma and the brain. It would be interesting to see how Marissa’s work intersects with the WI Trauma Project.”–  Conference Attendee 

“Marissa was an excellent speaker and very inspirational.”

–  Conference Attendee

Type of Event: Breakout Speaking Engagement

Audience: 2017 Changing Face of Adoption Conference

 Topic:The Journey In and Out of Trauma

Time: 1 1/2 hours including Q&A

Venue: Kalahari Resort

Speaker: Healing TREE Founder + CEO Marissa Ghavami 

Location and Date: Wisconsin Dells, WI 9.13.2017  

With regards to what they learned, the most common response amongst attendees was “Trauma Bonding”.