Speaking Engagements

We offer Speaking Engagements targeted towards various audiences and on various topics related to trauma.

Topics Include:

  • The Journey In and Out of Trauma
  • The Journey In and Out of Trauma: Clinical Understanding of Trauma from Client and Clinician’s Views
  • The Red Flags of Abuse and Trauma
  • Trauma Bonding Using Real Life Examples.

Audiences Include:

  • Adoption Professionals
  • Clients at Domestic Violence Programs
  • Medical Professionals, Mental Health Professionals
  • Parents & Families, Staff at Domestic Violence Shelters & Programs
  • Staff at Social Services Agencies, Students
  • Teachers and School / University Staff

Types of Speaking Engagements Include:


Highlights from Healing Trauma from a Client’s Point of View

Highlights from Red Flags of Abuse and Trauma


Interested in booking one of our speaking engagements? 

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