Brainspotting Therapy Training (BIPOC Scholarship)

Thanks to the generosity of Susan Pinco, MSSW, PHD, BCD, and Deb Antinori, MA, LPC, FT, RDT, we are able to periodically offer BIPOC scholarship slots for Phase I and II of Online Brainspotting Trainings. Please be sure to follow us on social media and join our mailing list in the link at the footer to stay updated on any future scholarship opportunities!


“Muscle strengthening and conditioning exercises are essential to individuals preparing to engage in athletic or physical activity.  Similarly, ongoing training and educational opportunities are essential to practitioners within the medical and mental health fields.  Yet, there are often limitations to the frequency in which some providers can participate in various professional development.  A primary factor posing a barrier to BIPOC providers is often linked to accessibility and financial means.  While any provider serves as a prime candidate for continuing education, it is important for proper measures to be implemented so BIPOC providers are not negatively impacted by disproportionate and disadvantageous outcomes.  A positive approach to ensuring equity for BIPOC providers, has occurred through philanthropic efforts to cover funding for trainings presented to BIPOC practitioners.  These efforts have allowed many BIPOC providers to engage in trainings promoting an in-depth understanding of various treatment modalities.  This increases the providers ability to further provide up-to-date services to persons seeking knowledgeable and competent BIPOC providers.  As a recipient of a scholarship to participate in the Phase I and Phase II series of the Brainspotting Training offered through the Healing TREE, I am extremely grateful for the monetary funds allotted to BIPOC providers.  The enhanced learning and knowledge gained through participating in an accredited training is invaluable.  I am cognizant that if the funds would not have been made readily available to BIPOC providers, I would not have been able to cover the training expenses earlier this year.  Therefore, I would like to encourage donors to enrich the lives of others and promote funding for BIPOC practitioners.” -S. Johnson, CSW

“Thanks to Healing TREE, I have been able to now offer Brainspotting to my diverse clientele and have already seen such a difference in the responses of my clients’ treatments. Without this scholarship, I would not have been able to be apart of this training. To be able to give the gift of brainspotting back to my community is more than I could ever ask for. Thank you again Healing TREE!” – Jordan Beckum, M.ED., APC, NCC

“I felt extremely grateful to have been a recipient of the BIPOC brainspotting scholarship. I was able to learn so many things that will allow me to help the population I serve and aid in their healing. The training itself went beyond the parameters of just learning something. It was hands on (or as hands on as something can be through Zoom) and within three short days, it allowed me to build deep connections to people that I otherwise would’ve not had the chance to have met. This training also afforded me opportunities to heal and grow on a personal level, which I believe is component to conducting therapy, self-helper healing. For anyone who is looking to transform their practice and learn another way to help clients, I 100% recommend both applying for this scholarship and attending the training.” – Desi Mendez 

“Brainspotting is a brain based therapy and during my experience I was allowed to access some of my most negative thoughts and work through them as my brain worked to correct itself. So essentially Brainspotting is giving our brain an opportunity to be more resilient with mindful focus. And since our brain is a muscle it makes sense to ‘retrain’ our brain using Brainspotting. Brainspotting also allows you to reconnect with your body. While doing BSP I was able to feel within my body and work on pushing that block out. BSP really resonated with my cultural and spiritual beliefs in that I was able to connect to my ancestors. So it also can resonate at a soul level for those interested in doing soul work or in my case healing of intergenerational traumas. Niawen / Thank you” – Kawennake Michelle Smoke, LMHC